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In the world of sun protection and anti-aging skin care, you should really search for the best. You want effective ingredients combined with experience. And that combination leads to La Roche Posay Anthelios, the French skin care company that is renowned the world over for their range of skin care products. Highly recommended by dermatologists, La Roche Posay formulates products for all skin types even those that are the most oily or problematic.

La Roche Posay has its roots in a small French village in the Vienne region. Right in that small village, there is thermal spring water that people have been using since the 17th century. In fact, the first European Thermal Dermatology center was founded in that location. And ever since, that special thermal spring water has been used to treat skin conditions. The thermal spring water is a key ingredient in all of La Roche Posay anti aging products.

Utilizing the most current technology and scientific advances in dermatology, La Roche Posay develops skin care products that target the protection of the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. La Roche-Posay treatments are formulated according to two fundamental principles: high standards and dermatological safety. The formulas are developed such that their concentration of active ingredients is very gentle on the skin, while remaining totally effective.

La Roche Posay manufactures the effective and best selling lines of anti-aging products including Anthelios XL sunscreens, Redermic Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Active C Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, Hydraphase UV SPF 30 and a wide range of other skin care products. La Roche Posay products are found in specialty pharmacies throughout Canada and around the world.

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