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Anthelios SX - Is there anything better?

Do you want to know what is the best thing for your skin? If you are looking for a product to protect your skin from the effects of aging, then consider a product that will protect you from sun damage. Most experts agree that the sun is responsible for over 80% of skin aging.

Your skin is the one organ of your body that shouts your age and shows the toll of the impact from the outside world. It’s incredible how we spend money, time and effort in taking care of our inner physical bodies but don’t stop to think about how we to protect the one big part of us that showcases us to the world, our skin. We expose our skin to so much in one lifetime, and the effects are harsh: aging, burning, wrinkles, and sagging. And there is not much we can do about it as we get older, but we can start by ensuring that we protect our skin from sun damage early on.

Most sun protection creams (sunscreens and sunblocks) just moisturize and protect against UVB rays which are responsible for tanning and burns. They do not protect against UVA rays, which contribute to wrinkles, sun damage and some types of cancers. You may not know it, but not all sunscreens are the same. Anthelios SX is a daily moisturizing cream with sunscreen. Anthelios SX is now available in the US, after its key ingredient, Mexoryl SX was approved by the FDA in 2006. Mexoryl SX affords Anthelios SX a high level of protection against UVA rays, now determined to be the number 1 cause of skin aging.

Better than Anthelios SX

Though Anthelios SX is the most technologically advanced sun protection cream in the US, it still only affords an SPF of 15. And while this may be suitable for those with darker skin and during the winter, there are more effective options available. Many dermatologists and skin experts agree that you should look for a product containing a minimum of SPF 30. Products containing SPF 30 or higher and forumulated with Mexoryl can be purchased in countries such as Canada or France, where the Anthelios line is well established and products containing SPFs of 30 to 60 are available. The Anthelios line is available in a variety of sprays, creams and lotions so that there is one sure to provide effective sun protection for you and your family. Try Anthelios Lait SPF 45, which contains Mexoryl SX and has a light, luxurious formulation for all skin types.

Anthelios SX and the entire Anthelios line are light, non-greasy preparations that don’t feel heavy like traditional sunscreens. Formulated La Roche Posay, industry leaders in skin care and antiaging products, dermatologists recommend them with confidence.

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